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Biking Trails

In Alleghany County, you are treated to the beautiful views for which the Blue Ridge Mountains are famous.


Rides in this area are mountainous and riders will experience challenging climbs. Good physical condition is the key to an enjoyable ride.

Biking In Alleghany County


Most routes are along paved roads and are suitable for road bikes. Wide-tire off-road bikes are not required unless your route takes you on some rougher gravel roads or you off-road. Some backroads may also be paved or patched with tar and gravel and invariably leave some loose gravel. Note that most roads lack a paved shoulder and they may be narrow and include blind curves.


Bike headgear is always recommended. Lights and reflective gear to call motorist attention to you are advised. You may also encounter off-leash dogs. Also, watch for deer, opossums, squirrels, and other animals that may cross the road in front of you. A cell phone is advised and it is a good idea to check and make sure you have coverage. Even with good phone coverage, you may still encounter dead spots.

Pleasure Rides

Almost anytime spring, summer, and fall is a good time to ride the backroads of Alleghany County. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers miles of scenic road at a slower pace. Alleghany is also the home of the Tour de Mountains Bike Ride. Several suggested routes in the county of varying distances may be found on their website or you can create your own route.

Family Cycling in Woods
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